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Making $ense of the numbers

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How well do you really understand your financials

Would you like to know how to create Management Financial Reports that assist you in making sound strategic business decisions

Ratios, Balance Sheets and P&L's are great, but are of little use if you don't know how and where they are impacting your business

I have designed and written a Strategic Financial Management training program called 'MAKING $ENSE OF THE NUMBERS with you in mind.

In this course you will learn how to

  • link ratios together
  • what questions to ask yout accountant
  • gain a holistic financial view of your company
  • understand the ripple effect of decision making
  • clearly identify what products and services you are cross subsidising
  • totally understand what each staff member is costing you
  • match staff behaviours to salaries and bonuses, thereby identifying the choices they make

So please feel free to give me a call (0407 806 448) or email


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