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You don't drown by falling in water; you drown by staying in there.

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corporateBOOST proudly offers the most flexible, effective and efficient business development program available in the market-place.  You choose the Package that's right for you, you choose the order of topics, or if you prefer you can choose from our extensive list of electives- no penalty or exit fees. This is the best and fairest coaching program you will ever encounter.

As a Business Owner, and or Snr Executive have you ever stopped to ask ‘Why am I doing this’  Chances are that you would like to increase your cash flow, gain more sales, provide even better customer service and be able to grow your Business  thereby achieving a competitive sustainable advantage.

Do any or perhaps all of the following broad categories present any issues for you?

  • Time
  • People
  • Money

Let’s start with time, do you feel you are stretched to your limit-working longer hours than you would like?  Do your staff seem to take longer than you would expect to get things done?  When was the last time you had a holiday?  Have you missed out on an important market/event because you ran out of time? Do things go missing, get lost in your office?  Do you have systems and processes to ensure that you don’t waste time? Do you seem to hire and train really good people, only to see them snapped up by your competitors?

How about people - do you have the right people for your business?  Do you have enough of your target market customers-imagine if you could clone your best customer?  Is leadership an issue in your business, what about conflict; staff and or customer? How would you describe communications, are there any blockages?

Money, Money, Money-wish you had more.  Do you really understand your financials, what questions should you ask your accountant.  Would you like to pay your high performing staff more, perhaps include/increase bonuses, but don’t have the means to do so.  Do you always recover all monies owed to you-is cash flow a problem, maybe even a mystery. Would you like to develop more products, but can’t afford to do so? How is your profit margin-healthy or sad?

If any of these are taking longer than expected to eventuate, then you have arrived at the right place at the right time.  Business training and coaching will transform both your Business and your life!

The purpose of working with me (Master Business Coach since 2002) is to reduce the likelihood that you fall into the common small business traps. I will ensure that you find more time to do the important things in your business and your life. I will help you to eliminate waste from your sales and marketing activity and develop systems that will allow you to choose the right staff to leverage your business.  As your business coach I will also work with you to create a sustainable process for generating new business.

I will help you to create a business that gives you the life you're looking for; a business that you can be proud of.

So please give me a call Naomi Mashford 0407 806 448 or email or complete our on line ‘Your Business Discovery’ the choice is yours! All communications are strictly confidential, one on one and most importantly tailored to suit your needs-you choose the topics, the frequency and time slots that best suits you and your life/business needs.


One on One Business Training - Business Whisperer®

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