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This is the best and fairest Business Coaching program you will ever encounter.

About Us

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Are you keen to move up the corporate ladder, do you want to achieve great things with your Business- but don't know how to go about being noticed by the right people at the right time

If you answered YES to any of the above, you have arrived at the right web site-so now you are here,  stay, read on and learn how I can help you to resolve these issues.

I am the current Senior Vice president of National Speakers Association of Australia, Regional coordinator for  Womens Network Australia (WNA) and  Board Member of the Quater Club.

I have  in excess of 20 years experience in Snr Executive Leadership roles, I have Lead and Managed 220+ staff with 22 direct reports with a combined balance sheet that totalled in excess of $1.5 billion.  I have had SIGNIFICANT exposure in dealing with union related issues (FSU) and IR cases-so I know what you can and can't say, and most importantly how you MUST conduct yourself when you are in a conflict situation

I can show you how to turn your company around and achieve the results you both NEED and WANT-how so I hear you ask-the answer is simple, I have repeatedly done this, at Citibank, AMP Banking and Commonwealth Bank of Australia-have a look at my testimonials page if you are still feeling unsure

As an accredited practioner for Human Synergistics, I am able to offer both Life Style Inventory (LSI) or their new offering Managment Imapact (M/I) 

Why did I choose to become accredited with Human Synergistics-really easy question to answer-during my Snr Exec Career, I was exposed to seemingly endless consultants and training programs-the BEST by far, the one that encouraged my growth, the one that allowed me to see what changes I needed to make-THE ONE THAT GOT RESULTS was Human Synergistics, so when I decided to start my own business (corporateBOOST), the first company I sought to be accredited with was Human Syneristics

Hmmm! Human Synergistics may not be for you, no problem, I will happliy customise and tailor a program that suits you and your organisation, I am also a Certified Professional Behavioural Analyst (DISC) and EQ subject matter expert

I have on several occasions conducted mediation meetings, wherein I have brought two waring parties together and allowed them to respect and 'see' each others point of view-on ALL occcasions the results have been  positive and productive

I have been a master coach for the past 13 years, so I have had the conversations, I have dealt with the conflict, I have felt lonely in Leadership, I have had self doubt-I HAVE BEEN WHERE YOU ARE

So come on tip the scales in your favour, give me a call, or if you prefer mail and START TO MAKE THE CHANGES YOU WANT

So your choice, spend your time and money with some one with little if any credibility, or connect with me!

Naomi Mashford

Naomi Mashford founded corporateBoost in 2007. Spanning some 20 years, Naomi has held Snr Executive positions within Citibank, AMP Banking, CBA and Barossa Farm Produce wherein she was responsible for both Sales Leadership and General Management. Naomi has extensive experience in the Finance Industry, both in Retail and Commercial Lending. Read more

Variety Club Bash

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Business Coaching

Business Coaching (delivered via Skype) is provided to both Owners and Senior Executives on ALL activities involved in running a successful business. As follows- Read more

corporateBoost Overview

As a Business Owner, and or Snr Executive have you ever stopped to ask ‘Why am I doing this’  Chances are that you would like to increase your cash flow, gain more sales, provide even better customer service and be able to grow your Business  thereby achieving a competitive sustainable advantage. Read more

Business Discovery Form

Whether you are a Business Owner or Senior Executive, I understand how it feels to not have all the answers when everyone (including yourself) expects that you should!I invite you to spend a few minutes completing and returning (via email) this survey in order that we may identify your areas... Read more


One on One Business Training - Business Whisperer®

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